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Created in 1988 by César Gobbi, Heimdall is recognized for its novel approach and differentiates itself from other recruitment agencies through its creativity and innovation.

Heimdall was rapidly selected as a key partner by some of the fastest growing and most influential enterprises in the IT industry. From the definition of the recruiting strategy for sales professionals of APOLLO (today HP) to the recruitment of development engineers for BUSINESS OBJECTS, Heimdall has built a solid reputation and has furthered the careers of some of the most sought-after men and women working in the industry today.


A turning point in the history of the company. Heimdall extends its scope, adding systems integrators and software vendors to an established client base of hardware suppliers. Through the implementation of a rigorous process of selection, Heimdall earns the approval of its clients, the leading enterprises of the IT industry. Seeking new talent, the founder engages Franck ALBEROLA. Heimdall settles in to its new headquarters.


Human capital is the focal point of Heimdall and the company's founder is passionate about leveraging the value of each individual. Franck Alberola delivers exceptional sales results and invests in the firm's capital. Heimdall helps American software firms such as MERCURY INTERACTIVE (acquired by HP) and VERITY (acquired by AUTONOMY) to attract talented recruits for their operations in France.


Heimdall's increased focus on its clients leads to sustained success and the company moves to new office space in the prestigious Madeleine quarter of Paris. By year 2000, Heimdall is one of the most important human resource consulting firms in Europe.



The company reorganizes its activities and César Gobbi pursues other ventures outside of the core business of Heimdall. Turnover increases and profits continue to rise but the firm's strategy is lacking in precision until 2009.


Franck ALBEROLA becomes Director of Heimdall. Renewing its strategy on the core values that made Heimdall successful, the company embarks on a new era. Heimdall launches an active phase of recruitment, searching for a new breed of executives for companies such as UNICA and QUEST SOFTWARE.


Heimdall's Director

Following years of scientific study and a degree in international commerce, Franck Alberola joins a large French-African corporation.  

A meeting in 1990 with César Gobbi, founder of Heimdall, leads to his discovery of the business of human capital, a profession for which he is predestined.

Through his active involvement in the start-up phase of the firm, specialized in the recruitment of executives for information technology companies, Franck Alberola rapidly establishes himself as an important figure in the business.

As of today, Franck has successfully collaborated with virtually all of the key executives of the IT sector.

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