Stage 1

The first stage starts with a definition of needs, in collaboration with our partner. In all instances, needs are defined during a face to face meeting with the contracting party.

We evaluate the position to be filled as well as the context of the position within the enterprise. Particular attention is given to our client's business model, the problems to be resolved and the culture of the enterprise. 

Starting with an outline to target our research, we build a complete job description, validated by the client. The job description is the output of this stage and is used as a shared working document.  

Stage 2

The next stage begins with a consultation of our extensive database of qualified candidates. Our database is constantly updated, allowing us to contact potential candidates immediately. 

We begin to identify potential candidates according to pre-defined targets validated by our client. Our twenty years of experience and our extensive network of contacts are valuable assets in our search for qualified candidates.

Potential candidates are contacted directly and are pre-qualified via a telephone interview. Those who match our client's selection criteria are invited to a personalized interview in our offices.

At this point, a progress report is addressed to our client. Weekly updates are delivered from this point forward.

Establishing a direct dialog with our client is essential at this stage.  

In parallel, we pursue a "deep dive" interview process, allowing us to create a "short list" of candidates, in general 2 to 5 persons. 

Documents presenting the selected candidates are addressed to our client. The client can contact the candidates directly to arrange interviews.  

A transparent dialog is indispensible during the interviewing process and our mission is to assist both our client and our candidates during this essential stage. 

Once our partner has selected the chosen candidate, we continue to provide our assistance up to the moment when the work contract is signed by the finalist. 

We remain in close contact with the chosen candidate when the hiring phase is completed and the candidate has started working. 

Stage 3

During the first weeks following the start date, we contact the candidate and our client to ensure the candidate is well integrated in the enterprise environment and performing according to expectations.